• 5 Things Photographers Wish Clients Would Quit Doing.

    5 Things Photographers Wish Clients Would Quit Doing

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    Photography can be a funny business.

    It is the only business that I know of where you can invest lots of money into equipment, gear, and training, and people will still ask you to do free stuff for them because your camera takes better pictures.

    Now, while I don’t mind working for free on occasions and for a very select few people that I”m closely related to the last thing I want to do is trade my skills and time for no compensation.

    When was the last time you asked your doctor to do a checkup for free? How about asking a lawyer to take a case for free because it would give him good publicity?

    That brings me to the first thing that annoys most photographers…

    1.) Quit Asking Us To Work For Free!

    As I mentioned only a very select few am I willing to work for free but when a friend of a friend comes calling and wants a deeply discounted rate or freebie because they think it’ll help my portfolio. No thanks!

    Most of us would rather wait for a paying customer to come along so we can spend our time and energy on delivering our best work and getting paid for it. Your freebie best friend doesn’t put food on my plate no matter how good they look sitting in my portfolio.

    2.) Quit Complementing Our Cameras Ability To Take Great Shots.

    Ever approached a well renowned chef and said “That food was delicious. You must have a really great stove!” If yes then kudos and also you may want to avoid eating there ever again.

    Just because a photographer has a nice camera doesn’t mean the camera is the only reason they are able to produce nice shots. It takes practice and training and trial and error over and over again to develop the skill to create and produce beautiful images.

    3.) Quit Asking For Our Raw Files.

    Unless you and your photographer worked out some special agreement please quit asking for the raw unfinished files.

    Photographers work at creating their “image” as a photographer by creating finished products which are the processed photos. You can read more on why I and many others won’t give out our raw images here: Raw Files

    4.) Not Giving Credit Where It’s Due

    Want to know a quick way to annoy a photographer? Upload a “teaser” image or other image directly to social media such as Facebook and remove any credit attributes.

    Also cropping the photo to remove any watermarks so you can print out a copy for your friends is a sure fire way to annoy the photographer who worked so hard on your images.

    Plus under U.S. Copyright law this can lead to legal consequences.

    5.) Bringing Extra People To The Session

    Never, never, bring extra people to a photo session without asking for permission first!

    On more than one occasion I have arrived at a photo shoot for two people and ended up having a group of 4 or more and the client asking me if it’s a problem when I arrive.

    The answer is yes.

    As photographers we like to plan out our sessions so before we arrive we have a good idea in our heads how we would like things to work and play out.

    On top of that it may also be a breach of contract. Often times prices vary but are usually done by headcount so if you invite way more people than were discussed one of two things will happen:

    1.) The photographer will take the photos and work through it but probably charge you for the extra people showing up.

    2.) They’ll cancel the session since you breached the agreed to terms.

    Just to be clear I’m referring to people wanting to be photographed. This point has nothing to do with family or friends off to the side for security or support reasons.

    Have you as a photographer ran into the above issues? Have you as a client been guilty of doing anything above? Let me know in the comments section below!


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