Review Of The CamRanger Wireless Controller

If you have ever done any kind of tethered shooting while in the field or in a studio you know working with wires can not only be extremely frustrating but in some cases hazardous as well. There’s nothing so annoying than having your tethered cable come unplugged in the middle of shoot because you […]

4 Tricks To Help You Photograph Fireworks

Overall the holidays here in the United States we recently celebrated our Independence day and one of the ways we do so is by launching noisy and brightly colored fireworks into the night sky. Well I took pictures of one of the larger firework shows when I was downtown with some friends. Not thinking […]

Do Photographers See Life Through A Fixed Lens?

I love photography. So much so that I started this website to give me something to do when I’m not out in the field.

I love the aspects of it as well as the technological curves and trends it puts you through. This field is such an interesting field as anyone can pick up a […]

Shutter Speed Simplified

Every time you press the button on a camera to take a picture you hear a “click” noise. The noise you are hearing is the shutter inside the camera opening and closing within a set time limit.

The shutter time limit or speed of the shutter determines how much light is allowed to pass to […]

5 Little Things You Learn Photographing Babies

Since I started photographing babies and newborns to see whether I would be any good in that particular field. I have learned quite a bit during the last 4 or 5 sessions I crammed into a two month period.

There are a lot of things you can read on the internet about photographing newborns but […]