Why Getting The Right Exposure Matters

When it comes to photography in any genre exposure plays an important role which can take an image from good to great. But what happens when you shoot an image that is underexposed or overexposed?

Underexposed images are when not enough light is allowed or available to pass through to the sensor which in turn […]

I “Want” To Be A Photographer

I want to be rich.

I want to be famous.

I want to be the greatest.

We all want something in life but just how many of us are willing to make the sacrifices it takes to go from wanting something to really wanting it?

Let me explain what I mean.

I love being behind the camera and every […]

How To Start A Photography Blog In 5 Easy Steps

Blogging and Photography are probably two of my favorite things that I enjoy sharing what I know the most when I get asked questions like like “How do you…” or “How can I do…”

I tend to light up when I start talking about either subject and on more than one occasion I’ve had the […]

Should I Give My Client The Raw Files?

Adam – Do you give your clients the raw files if they request them?

It’s funny how often I get asked this question by fellow photographer friends and the answer is always no unless it is specifically requested and written down in a contract that they’ll receive all the raw files.

If you aren’t familiar with […]

38 Gifts Ideas For Photographers Under $100

Photography like any other hobby or profession has a certain personal uniqueness about it that not everyone understands. For example I have no idea why people enjoy building ships in a bottle. Seriously. Why do they do that anyways?

When it comes to gift buying for the photographer in your life I know it can […]

Review Of The CamRanger Wireless Controller

If you have ever done any kind of tethered shooting while in the field or in a studio you know working with wires can not only be extremely frustrating but in some cases hazardous as well. There’s nothing so annoying than having your tethered cable come unplugged in the middle of shoot because you […]