3 Digital Photography Basics You Should Know

When it comes to digital photography there is a litany of jargon and tech speak tossed around that can often confuse someone just getting into this wonderful world of DSLR photography.

I know when I first started I was confused as can be until I consumed hours upon hours of information and tutorial videos. I […]

5 Little Things You Learn Photographing Babies

Since I started photographing babies and newborns to see whether I would be any good in that particular field. I have learned quite a bit during the last 4 or 5 sessions I crammed into a two month period.

There are a lot of things you can read on the internet about photographing newborns but […]

How To Connect Twitter To Your Facebook Page

We all know photography is a visual media and that the images we take and share almost always find their way onto social media platforms.

Whether you like social media or not it’s here to stay be it Facebook, Google+, Instagram, or Twitter.

Using these platforms can mean serious business and opportunities and if you’re not […]

How I Became A Volunteer Pet Photographer

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share something that I recently got involved in and that’s volunteer pet photography.

More specifically volunteer pet photography for a local animal shelter. Let me just say I’m not a pet photographer and have done very few pet photos with the exception of my three brats cats that is.

So I saw […]