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  • 5 Things Photographers Wish Clients Would Quit Doing.

    5 Things Photographers Wish Clients Would Quit Doing

    Nov 19, 14 • 619 Views • Blog, Photography2 Comments

    Photography can be a funny business. It is the only business that I know of where you can invest lots of money into equipment, gear, and training, and people will still ask you to do free stuff for them because your camera takes better pictures. Now, while I...

  • manual-mode-on-camera

    9 Photography Tips For Beginners

    Nov 13, 14 • 524 Views • Blog, Photography, Photography Tips1 Comment

    When I first started doing photography I shot everything in film. Nowadays I shoot digital only. While I believe each medium holds a special place in the realm of photography there are some key aspects I’ve learned along the way and these are my...

  • camera-shy

    3 Ways To Deal With Camera Shy Clients

    Oct 17, 14 • 316 Views • Blog2 Comments

    Do you ever have those days when you’re doing a photo shoot and no matter what you do things just don’t seem to be going the way they should? You just can’t figure out what’s going on or why? Maybe you yourself are having a rough day...

  • Camera-Obscura

    The History Of Joseph Niepce And The Camera Obscura

    Oct 15, 14 • 294 Views • Blog, History Of Photography1 Comment

    Today’s article is a special one as it delves into the history of Joseph Niepce the inventor of the Camera Obscura. Joseph was a pioneer in his time and his inventions helped push the art of photography to the forefront. A Look At The Camera obscura –...

  • Image shot on Canon 5D Mark II - 1/400 Sec f/2.8 ISO 100 @ 70mm

    31 Days of Pictober

    Oct 1, 14 • 271 Views • BlogNo Comments

    October is one of the few months I enjoy mainly because here in the Midwest the leaves are changing colors and the trees and surrounding parks become bright and colorful before the “white death” happens aka winter. Right now October is looking to...