31 Days of Pictober

October is one of the few months I enjoy mainly because here in the Midwest the leaves are changing colors and the trees and surrounding parks become bright and colorful before the “white death” happens aka winter.

Right now October is looking to be one of my busy months this year so I’m not sure […]

Connect Your GoDaddy Domain Name To SmugMug

This tutorial is designed to help you connect / point your GoDaddy domain name or CNAME to SmugMug which will allow you to use your own personal domain name instead of the default SmugMug domain name which looks like this: username.smugmug.com

I decided to write this tutorial because honestly I feel SmugMug fell a little […]

Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 Lens Review

About 6 months ago I purchased the¬† lens because I needed a good “all around lens” as well as a good video lens that worked well in low light. I paired my this lens with my Canon 5D Mark II to which I refer to as “Mark & Tammy.”

Yes, I name some of my […]

The Camera Gear I Use 99% Of The Time

On more than one occasion I’ve had people stop me and ask what kind of camera equipment I use or recommend and to be honest only some of the gear I use is really worth listing here.

Since I’m not a full time photographer I keep my budget strings somewhat tight until the expenses began […]

Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook Review

It’s very rare that I read much of any book to be honest as I am more of a hands on type of learner.¬†Reading text off of a page only allows me to retain so much information before my mind wanders and I’m re-reading the same sentence 3 times over.

But there is one eBook […]

Why Getting The Right Exposure Matters

When it comes to photography in any genre exposure plays an important role which can take an image from good to great. But what happens when you shoot an image that is underexposed or overexposed?

Underexposed images are when not enough light is allowed or available to pass through to the sensor which in turn […]