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20 Useful Websites With Newborn Photography Tips

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Tomorrow I have my very first scheduled photo shoot involving a six month old baby. Most of the photography I have done hasn’t involved kids especially this young. The youngest I’ve worked with so far was with my friends two year old daughter taking several candid shots of the family during our visit to the mountains.

Well I’m not exactly sure what to expect tomorrow other than I’m hoping that the baby is a happy one and wants to play with the stuff we got her for this session. I also learned (recently) that six month old’s aren’t really considered newborns anymore but that it is still a good time frame to get pictures because they play and interact with their surroundings. One of the key elements I’m going for!

But as I did my research I did come across several great blogs and sites that offer all kinds of fantastic tips for newborns and how to pose them, how to light them, and what mistakes to avoid. I feel like many of these same tips can be applied to slightly older babies with a few modifications.

So here are 20 20 Useful Websites with Newborn Photography Tips on getting the best  Baby Shots from several different photographers:

Image Source: Photodune

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